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I Have Been Played By Apple

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Apple Watch coming soon! Really?

It’s been a while since the first smart watch idea was introduced and a year and a half since Samsung introduced their first generation Gear smart watch. I’ve been waiting for smart watch from Apple for a year now. When will I see it I don’t know, but what I know is that they are announcing it all the time?

I’m tired of waiting and I realize now that I have been, like all of us, played by Apple. And they are a player, aren’t they.

The truth is simple, they were unprepared for smart watch competition and after their main rival released a product they decided to invest a lot of money  in marketing (which they should of invested in development of the watch in the first place) to cover their failure in this area. They are selling us story about the product that was no more than a render 18 months ago, just so they can buy them self’s some time to catch up with competition.

At first I thought they are playing it safe, leaving the first place in the race to their opponents waiting to come strong after they create enough marketing momentum. After 18 months it’s clear that this is not the case. They simply did not have the idea this could sell 2 years ago. It is now painfully clear how much they really miss Steve Job’s visionary look to the future.

We all bought the story, even their biggest opponent Samsung. We were all anticipating the great iWatch and listening the stories about breakthrough product, revolutionary technology. I for one read all the articles I can find. I was waiting for the Apple presentation a year before then this year, listening to this announcement, that announcement… Knock, knock! Hello! Am I blind? It’s all marketing, and I must admit an excellent one. They turned their weakness into their advantage creating more talk about then they would get if the watch was in sale. I know they changed their marketing agency but who ever created this is a true marketer, Master Yoda of marketing. The force is definitely strong with this person!

On the other side Apple must know by now that for sure they need to change something and if they don’t they are in for a surprise.

The truth is also that only Apple had credit to do this. Unfortunately for them this can be done only one time.

I hope Tim Cook is aware of this fact. If they try to trick the customers once again it will end up much more inconvenient for them.

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