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Did you ever asked yourself how many sexual intercourse you had last year? How long did they last? What was the longest sex you had? How many calories did you burned out during intercourse? And just how many times your other half had a headache and you “got nothing”?

Well, couple months ago I asked myself exactly the same questions. As a real passionate bicycle rider as I am, I asked myself how much miles did I drown last year? The numbers started popping out by themselves!

So wait, how is it possible that I love cycling more than making love? No, of course not! I mean cycling is great, but Sex is Sex! So how come I do not know how many times I cuddled with my wife? I realized I did not have the right tools to track my activities.

That’s how I got the idea and we created ZoBu studio and mobile app called SexCounter that will help people track their sex statistics and graphically show the related data.

This is what SexCounter tracks:

  • Number of times you had sex
  • Total time you had sex
  • Average duration
  • Longest sexual intercourse
  • Burned calories
  • Number of times you wanted sex but your partner turned you down or an event called HS -Headache Syndrome
  • Statistics by weekdays , now you can see what day of the week is your luckiest one

The data is separated to form weekly, monthly and yearly view so you can easily compare it. We tried to simplify the usage as much as we could. It’s all just a couple of clicks away. We implemented the option for manually entering the data. We wanted to avoid the questions like: “Why are you using your phone right now?” or “Oh my god are you filming us (even dough the phone is facing the ceiling)”.

We also do not want you to lie to yourself so you can enter the data manually only for past 3 days. You can delete any activity you want. Every activity has a note so you can write a reminder, a name or even a reason why you did not get it!

Your complete sexual activity diary with full graphical statistics for only $0.99!

This stopwatch will change your sex life experience!

We are not responsible for the following:

-If your partner finds out you are secretly running your sex activity diary (we suggest you share it together)

-if your partner checks out SexCounter and finds out you had activity that does not include him or her

-any other catastrophic event caused by the fact you have accurate statistic and graphical data of your sexual activity

Download on Google PLAY STORE for $0.99:

or on AMAZON:

Available soon on App Store!

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We are preparing the free version that will have some limitations comparing to the full one. It will be available soon on both Play store and App Store

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