Terme Lasko – The Best Slovenian Spa for Nudist

Under the term Terme Lasko there are actually 2 wellness hotels hiding:

  • Zdravilišće Laško and
  • Thermana Park Laško.

The city of Lasko

Not like popular destination Terme Čatež which is only 10km from the Croatian border, Lasko is located another hour driving further. It’s actually only 70km from the border but the road is 20km highway and the rest is local road going through several populated places. The biggest one is Krsko. Along the road you can photograph mother Nature at the fullest. You wish you can stop at every curve to take a picture. I personally regret I did not had my bicycle to drive that 50km.

Hotel Location

The Hotel is at the banks of river Savinje. When you reserve your room be sure to ask for a river view room, or otherwise you will look at the local road plus the noise is much bigger. River view room costs only €4 more. The view upstream and downstream and on the hill across the river is extraordinary.


Parking is huge and it costs extra, it has a floor underground as well as over ground, so you are covered in terms of your car safety.


The hotel is in postmodern style, with differently colored façade, light green and orange with brown and beige combinations. The elevators and pool dome are all made of glass combined with huge windows so you have a total impression glass dominating the space. The Hotel in general leaves you with a relaxing clear state of mind.

Rooms are spacy with classical and simple furniture and very nice bathroom. Bathroom has a large window that spans from the ceiling to the floor and it’s overlooking the bedroom. This is very sexy because you can watch your partner taking a bath. Fortunately the window is narrow enough to block the view when you are using the toilet. It would really kill your libido to watch it while you are laying down on the bed.

You have LCD TV and Cable with all the content from the local stations.

WiFi is free and you can use it anywhere in the hotel.

To be honest I do not have any special comment about the room because it very similar to the Hotel rooms in same price range. Bathroom window is a very interesting detail, but if you use the pool and sauna you do not have the time to enjoy that much.

As we promised to describe the Sauna Center inside Wellness Park hotel, here it is. The overall quality and the fact that Nudism is allowed throughout spa/wellness centers in Slovenia were our main reasons for coming here. It’s a part of the Hotel complex but it’s isolated from other accommodations and to get in you need additional €4 ticket.

Sauna Centar

On the total surface of 700 m2 you have : 3 Finish saunas, laconium, sanarium, infra-red sauna, Turkish bath, pool with cold water (15°C), thermal pool (31 °C, opened and indoor) with hydro massage nozzles along the sides, terrace with sunbeds to improve your ten, showers, ice machine and relax room.

Lasko cold pool

For those of you who did not use similar contents, here is our route. I got to remind you that if you want to try this first check your BP and HR and talk to your doctor.

First we heated up in laconium (40 °C, 10-15% humidity). Lying down for 10 minutes on the stone flooring. Then 5-7 minutes in samarium (55-60 °C, 35-50% humidity) to open your pores.

After that we had 3 runs with Finish sauna (85-90 °C, 10-15% humidity), cooling down with ice, cold shower then pool with cold water.

One cycle is about 45 minutes or 15 minutes a run. We did 3 cycles per day. We were in Finish sauna until we felt comfortable to be there (around 10 minutes) and continued with “cold chain” without a break. Even dough it looks scary you get used to the speed of your body accommodating to the cold and ice. You enter the cold pool without even raising a goose bump.

What this cold streak feels like

In one word, incredible! First thing that fascinated me is absence of frosty feeling after rubbing the ice to your body after you get out the Finish sauna. It is cold but nothing you can’t take. I guess your body needs cooling down after you spend some time at 90 °C.

Cooling with ice

I was speechless when I felt the adrenalin in the moment I stepped in the pool with cold water. Rubbing the ice is nothing comparing to this. You step in, do not move and you feel adrenalin rushing through your veins.

My wife did not use the Turkish bath because of the high humidity (45 °C, 100% humidity), while I hopped couple of times between cycles.

The rules

It’s forbidden to enter with food, Nudity is a must and it’s forbidden to speak loudly. I guess they figured out you are there to have a rest. In saunas you need to have a towel to lie/sit on while the towel in Turkish baths is forbidden. You have a water hose there to wash down the place where you want to sit down. Just because of my hygiene obsession I was only standing there, never siting down, for 7-8 minutes until my legs felt hard.

What about sex?

Opposite to Terme Olimia where they tell you that in part Orhidelia the sex is allowed, here they tell you it’s not. But, at the sauna entrance there is no forbidden sex sign. We entered the sauna at around 20:00 and there was a couple in “action”. There weren’t really much people around but nobody reacted or looked like he is uncomfortable.


On Saturday, our second day, there was much more guests. During the day some couples where more explicit then others, but after 21:00 all 5 couples that where still there were much more relaxed. Discreetly distributed at different parts of the pool, closely holding their partners, “the stronger half’s” were trying to whisper down the benefits of thermal pools and medicine and what they do to the body.


Incredibly friendly. To put it simple you have the impression that they are closely related to you. Anything can be arranged. We arrived late on the first day, so we skipped diner to go to the sauna. Tomorrow, even dough we had Breakfast/Dinner arrangement they served us a free lunch. They let us stay on the last day until 16:00 even dough we agreed to move out until 11:00. This really helped us a lot to spend the day in sauna not having to pack over again.


We were lucky to catch weekend promo package for €180 for 2 person on Breakfast/Dinner base. It’s not much for this kind of service. The other prices are also very acceptable: ice cream is €1, espresso with milk is €1.6, ice coffee is €3. Daily parking in the hotel is €5. All together we had a wonderful weekend that we will remember for long time for acceptable €350.

For those who love saunas, nudism and are slightly exhibitionistic Terme Lasko are great pick. Sauna with no nudity – well if you do not feel stupid to be the only one there with a towel around the waist then be it.

All in all they got editors award for whole hotel and incredibly friendly staff.

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