Wellness Orhidelia (Terme Olimia; Slovenia) – high class nudism

Wellness Orhidelia is an architectural poetry for the eyes and a collage of select luxury details for the soul. A hymn to originality and a surplus of sensuality. Where you can spend all of your time alone, indulging in the intimacy of your own thoughts and sensual experience.

The first paragraph is not a work of my brainstorming but a marketing message on the Terme Olimia website that describes their most prestigious part – Wellnes Orhidelia. The Terme Olimia complex is made of couple of parts: Hotel Sotelia, Hotel Breza, Apartment Hotel Rosa, Lipa Estate, Camp Natura, Wellness Center Termalia, Wellness Center Orhidelia.


First time I heard about Orhidelia 2 years ago. A lot of my friends also visited this wellness center in last 2 years. My impression before visiting was made on two pieces of information I had:

  • It is the most prestigious Slovenian Spa Center with amazing architecture and design (like the website say it is)
  • Nudist paradise that offers more content than just nudism

I got a chance to visit it in December 2014, but unfortunately only for a day, so we had to base our stay exclusively in Orhidelia.

Where is Orhidelia, how this “architectural poetry” looks like, what is the price range and something about my impressions?

Well, let’s start.


Podcetrtek is small Slovenian village (eastern part of Slovenia) and the Hotel Spa Complex is huge so you really can’t miss it. The first building to the huge parking is Orhidelia.

Working Hours and price

At the entrance you get the colored band for identification, slippers, bathrobe and a towel. Workday’s entrance price is €27.5/person and over the weekend it’s €35/person. On Friday and Saturday it’s a FKK night on all Orhidelia premises starting from 22:00 (on the website they say it’s from 20:00) until midnight.



Orhidelia has several parts that are not interconnected.

Swimming pools – huge pool with islands in the atrium, geysers, lazy river, light cave, underwater speakers. Temperature of the water is 31-32°C. In the pool and on the deck you have to wear a swim suite. Beat balls starts Friday and Saturday at 22:00.

Turkish bath – It’s a separate room with 2 Turkish baths and huge whirlpool. You have to be nude to get in there, but only in the Turkish bath room. Outside of it almost all guests had at least a towel to cover the main things.

Finish sauna- also a separate room with 3 saunas and a cold pool. Same rules apply for nudity like in Turkish bath. All the time they organize something like a theme Sauna visit for which you have to enroll during the afternoon (mineral mud therapy, honey therapy, chocolate sauna…)


Relaxation room – a huge quiet room with beach chairs. You can really feel the silence dominating there.

Waterbeds room – very interesting room – 20 waterbeds separated with blurred glass and without doors so you can heard and maybe see what your ‘neighbors’ are doing

Terrace with pool – huge thermal pool for the ones who like to be outside in the warm water

Amala Spa – part for the ones who like massage

How it looks like

Talking about design and architecture it’s really like they said on the website – poetry for the eyes and a collage of select luxury details for the soul – pure perversion! Royal! It looks fancy, chic, done with style. In my experience it was like nothing I have seen before. It compensate for the price to the full. Saunas are beautiful, spacy and can accommodate a lot of people. Turkish baths are nothing alike other Terme baths, they are designed more like caves from the Alien movie with a “mother guise” that’s about to hatch in the center.


There is a water bad room that was something new for me. That’s something extra I mentioned earlier. As I understood that room is used for rest and relaxation from 20:00 until closing. It’s very likely that you will hear moaning, heaving and giggling after eight. You can see anything when you are passing through there (you will see everything whether you like it or not). Nobody is cares what you do, there are no voyeurs (or maybe everybody there is one) and no perverts. Everything is civilized behavior. If you know what I mean.

And last but not least my impressions

Beautiful, but… What I did not like is that the behavior is lot more conservative than in nearby Terme Lasko. Nudity is limited to the sauna and Turkish bath. I’m obviously comparing it to Terme Lasko where you can be nude all the time, anywhere – in the pool, at sauna, bath. This assures much higher degree of relaxation and comfort.

Orhidelia or Lasko? You come and see Orhidelia and then go and enjoy at Lasko.

photo: Terme Olima

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