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Aruba – Nikky Beach Club

Two years ago, I had an opportunity to visit Aruba. I’m glad, I didn’t miss it.

Aruba is small Island (30x9km) at south Caribbean Sea north of the coast of Venezuela. Aruba and the other Dutch islands in the Caribbean are often called the Netherlands Antilles or the Dutch Caribbean. Beautiful white sand beaches, warm locals make you feel very comfortable here.

Two most popular and well known beaches are Palm Beach…

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

…and Eagle Beach.

Eagle beach

Of course, tourism is the main economy provider, and most tourists come from America predominantly from the north-east US. Not so many Europeans come to visit Aruba, but in the future I expect more and more of them will come and visit this jewel of Caribbean.


Reason for large number of tourists is probably due to the climate conditions. The Aruba Island is outside of the hurricane zone, so it has nice weather all year long. And the because of the Passat (type of the wind), a lot of surfers come here to enjoy magnificent waves.

Capital city is Oranjestad with typical Caribbean architecture. On Oranjestad there is a port for big cruisers. 30 minutes walking distance from the port is city beach with famous Nikky Beach Club.


This beach club is very popular among tourists (especially the ones on Cruise tours) because it’s not far away from the port so they can easily come here and enjoy whole day long in the sunbeds couple of feet from the sea.


Nikky Beach Club also serves incredible tasty food, huge portions and lovely cocktails. The lack of crowd and worm service and hospitality at the club, make this place stand out from the similar beach clubs.


For the ones who want more pleasure, there is a fantastic pool that can satisfy their needs. Bar in the pool together with sunbeds placed in the water can accommodates even biggest hedonists.


You can lay down, relax at pool and enjoy reading your book while you are drinking fabulous cocktail.

My suggestion for closing:
If you are a party animal you should visit The Boatyard (Barbados) . Best place to recharge your batteries and relax is Nikky Beach Club.

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