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Barbados – The Boatyard

The Caribbean, Wooow!
This is usually the first reaction my friends have when I tell I was there. The first time for me was in 2011, and till today I went there couple more times.

It’s really a Wow when you look at the phenomenal beaches, turquoise blue sea, white sand, amazing beach clubs, parties, topless, bikini’s, beautifully tanned girls…

It’s a little bit lesser Wow if you want to see anything else. DSCN0813 - Copy
The architecture is let say nothing special, the cities and towns are something in between not too rich and not too poor and they all look alike in every aspect of life. I cannot really say that I was impressed.
Let’s get back to great things about the Caribbean, the things that really separate one Caribbean Sea Island from all the others.

The island is Barbados, the town is Bridgetown, and the thing that makes the difference is the club Boatyard, the most famous club in this part of the world.


It’s the 24/7 party club, consist of several different parts the lounge part, a dock, a restaurant and cafe cafe with a large bar
The entrance is $5 and you get one free drink for that. At the Restaurant you can order burgers, grill, fries and you can have a table and eat there or you can take your food to the lounge part and with comfort have your meal on the beach looking at the beautiful sea.

The restaurant and the bar close at the evening when the club transforms to a party zone that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Last February I’ve organized myself one crazy party at the Boatyard. The motive was my 27 th birthday!
I felt excited to be able to organize something at the place like Boatyard. I took the chance when it opened to me like that.
There were 20 of my guests and we started the party at 11 am. Music, alcohol, sun, fun, bathing, splashing made us feel like horny teenagers, again.

The party started with the first round of 40 drinks and closed up with the $500 bill, which is more than affordable having in mind we had the whole day party for 20 people at such exotic place, the best Caribbean club Boatyard.

It turns out that the most expensive thing for a cruise is the plane ticket to a boarding port. There is a catch you can use for that too but we will cover that some other time ;)

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