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Testa’s Restaurant (Bar Harbor, USA)

v1 Bar Harbor, USA

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Yesterday was our last day at Canadian port named Halifax, in Nova Scotia. Today we are leaving Canadian waters, and we are headed to the USA. Ship’s doing another reposition and the excitement is visible in behavior of the crew members. Why is that, you ask?

That is because we started this tour in the cold water of the British Isles and Norwegian fjords. Then we moved to the even colder area of the eastern Canadian coast and northeast coast of the USA. Finely we came to end of being in the cold waters. We have turned around our ship, and we are heading to the Caribbean Sea, full steam ahead.

But there is one advantage of the cold waters – they are paradise for deep sea fishing. Just think of the serial “Deadliest Catch” and you will know what I’m talking about. Definitely, there is no better place to enjoy amazing taste of fresh from the water sea food such as a lobster and crab’s legs. While we were leaving the beautiful nature of the northern water’s I said to myself “I want to have a bite of this amazing fresh sea food once again”.


And where is my lobster?

Testa's And so it was. Tomorrow, ship had early arrival in Bar Harbor, USA and we were anchored around half past six. Around the noon I was already ashore walking and searching for a nice restaurant. Eventually I saw a massive metal lobster hanging right in front of me. Obviously it was the huge logo of the restaurant. That sign had only one meaning: “Deliciously served lobster”. The name of the restaurant is “Testa’s Restaurant”. Somehow that name was familiar to me, but in that moment I could not remember why.

As soon as I stepped inside the amazingly friendly staff provided me with a nice table on the first floor. With Idea to get rid of last night hangover and to get warm (outside was very cold that day) I took a cup of Irish coffee first.

For the main meal I chose specialty of the house. As appetizers they served butter with blended olives and fresh warm bread. First dish was warm soup with lobster meat mixed with veggies. It was incredibly delicious. soup

While I was waiting for main course, a asked my waitress about the restaurant. This is what she told me…

From the History of Testa’s Restaurant

In 1985, the Testa family arrived in Chicago, from Sicily. Mike Sr , a Ten-year old at that time, was from a hardworking industrial family. By the time he was in his twenties, the young man owned and operated his own sandwich shop in the nearby summer resort of South Haven. There he sold ice cream, soda, homemade pies and cigars to vacationers who were telling him stories about warmth and beauty of Palm Beach, Florida where they wintered. In the fall of 1921, Mike followed his customer’s advices and opened a small soda fountain in the Garden Theater – small movie house in Palm Beach. Their business grew based on personal service, customer satisfaction and of course – great strawberry pie. Over the year’s excellent service and good food developed fantastic reputation for his business. Each winter, business grew resulting in several moves to larger spaces.

At last, in 1933 Testa’s Restaurant moved to Royal Poinciana Way, in Palm Beach where they are today, serving three meals a day. Finally I remembered how that name was familiar to me.

In 1933, as the summer economy in Michigan began to sour, Mike Sr. listened to his customers again. They told him about their summer vacations in Bar Harbor, Maine. In the summer of 1934 Testa’s Restaurant and Hotel opened on Main Street in Bar Harbor. Again, the space was small but this time he had somebody he can rely on. His two sons were next to him: Mike Jr. and Joe. Soon the Testa’s tradition of “Pines in the summer” and “Palms in the winter” became a way of life for both family and their employees.


Testa’s restaurant (Bar Harbor, USA)

Gradually, another family emerged – Testa’s faithful and loyal customers who frequented both restaurants. This customer’s family shared their own birthdays, Holidays, anniversaries and special occasions with the Testa family for almost a century.

In 1990 Testa met another challenge: The Bar Harbor restaurant was demolished and Bayside Landing was born, with Testa’s restaurant at its heart. Inside you will find the same great food and hospitality for everyone that has kept Testa’s Restaurant a round for almost the century. Today the Testa’s second, third and fourth generations invite you to enjoy their hospitality and hope that you make yourself part of the family.

At the time waitress finished the story about Testa’s history a main course was served in front of me. There is not too many thinks to say about it: unbelievable well prepared Lobster with mashed potatoes.

I’m only going to say to all of you if you have the opportunity to visit one of the Testa’s restaurants do not hesitate to step inside for a lunch because you will enjoy incredible prepared taste meals like never before.


The Testa’s Restaurant getting a ***** form me, for the great service and customers satisfaction. Enjoy.

For the end as Testa would said: PINES IN THE SUMMER, PALMS IN THE WINTER



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