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Royal Job 2016 by Be Brave Travels (feat. Chippy)

Text/Photo: Valentina & Lizzy

Do you like cars? Do you like to race? Are you brave enough to follow The Balkan Job?
BeBrave organises rallies across the world and now for the second time they will come to the balkans.

Be Brave is not just a slogan, it is your attitude and approach towards life. This is the attitude that, Valentina – The Founder of Be Brave Travels always lived with and that’s how she developed it into a fresh motor rally concept! It all started with two best friends driving across 49 countries on their beloved mini-cooper called Chippy and falling in love with the nature and scenery that they saw along the way, as well as being amazed by how dangerous some of those countries are!


Be Brave recently organised a rally through the United Kingdom – called The Royal Job, covering 5 countries in 6 days! The rally with 12 super cars and 20 participants  started at a town in East Sussex called Eastbourne. The whole journey was one highlight after the other: from the stunning views on chalk-cliffs Seven Sisters to the long list of castles were they got special permissions to spend the nights. The convoy of 12 cars drove as a team,  using the walkie talkies to help each other surpass other cars on high speed!

On the way to the Roman-built city Bath, the cars stopped for a quick lunch but of course also the cars needed some action. The participants decided to have a drifting competition. The Bentley GT with special exhaust pipes made so much noise, that soon the police was called and the teams had to escape,and they went to the new destination, the post-war Churchill residence called Blenheim Palace.


Along the whole journey everyone was given a detailed route plan, which took the participant mainly through countryside roads, to ensure that they see the contrast between the most developed as well as most rural parts of the UK. The Be Brave concept develops it’s routes in order for participants to test their ability of driving through some of the most beautiful roads in the world, such as Kirkston Pass, as well as organised challenges along the way!


Be Brave Travels is coming back to the Balkans again, they will arrive to Belgrade on the 23 rd of August with their established rally – The Balkan Job. They will be travelling from Budva, Montenegro to Belgrade, Serbia. Then they will continue to the Transfargaran highway in Romania and finish their journey in Sofia, Bulgaria. They will have a fleet of 10 different cars and they will be staying in the Square 9 hotel.

Be Brave and come to meet the teams!

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