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Ethno Restaurant “The Trophy”

Ethno Village “Tiganjica”, Restaurant “The Trophy”

Finally, after six months of hard work and dedication I’m flying back home for my well deserved vacation. The long flight from LA to Belgrade over Istanbul makes me starving and I desperately want a home style cuisine such as “Punjena Pljeskavica”- stuffed burger. As an officer on the cruise ship I really have enjoyed the food but that is something what we do not have there. Well, we do have many kinds of burgers but none prepared like that.
After passing the passport control and collecting the baggage, I have met with my family who was waiting for me at the airport. And my first words to them after six months of travelling and being away were: “I’m starving, let’s have a pljeskavica”.
Ethno Village Restaurant “Trofei” or “The Trophy” is located about an hour of driving, between Belgrade and Zrenjanin.

In this Ethno Village there is couple of different areas:
… welcoming area in front of the restaurant.
… children’s playground.
… mini Zoo.
…the windmill, rooms.

Outside the restaurant you will find a large garden with huge BBQ place build from bricks.
…the garden.
Let’s BBQ 

The inside area of the restaurant is truly ethno; it will take you back through the Serbian history. You may find some unique and rare objects from our past. The wall full of trophies and warm and welcoming staff.
And finally The Food,
Tasty and well prepared it has the exactly the same taste I was imagining during the flight, the taste of home. Happiness!!
… something in between- “Kajmak” or sour creme and cheese
… mashed bell papers with chili peppers – Ajvar.
…homemade bread.
… “Punjena Pljeskavica” – 450g burger stuffed with cheese and bacon along with chips and onions.

At the end a warm suggestion to all people who decide to visit Serbia:
try to visit everything connected with our history and to enjoy Serbian food. So far I have visited over 70 countries in 5 continents and have founded very few places where you can eat as well as here… :D
Cheers and happy travelling.

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