22 Apr 2015

Ethno Restaurant “The Trophy”

Ethno Village “Tiganjica”, Restaurant “The Trophy” Finally, after six months of hard work and dedication I’m flying back home for my well deserved vacation. The long flight from LA to Belgrade over Istanbul makes me starving and I desperately want a home style cuisine such as “Punjena Pljeskavica”- stuffed burger.

wellnes park lasko
27 Jan 2015

Terme Lasko – The Best Slovenian Spa for Nudist

Under the term Terme Lasko there are actually 2 wellness hotels hiding: Zdravilišće Laško and Thermana Park Laško. The city of Lasko Not like popular destination Terme Čatež which is only 10km from the Croatian border, Lasko is located another hour driving further. It’s actually only 70km from the border but

25 Jan 2015

Wellness Orhidelia (Terme Olimia; Slovenia) – high class nudism

Wellness Orhidelia is an architectural poetry for the eyes and a collage of select luxury details for the soul. A hymn to originality and a surplus of sensuality. Where you can spend all of your time alone, indulging in the intimacy of your own thoughts and sensual experience. The first

08 Jan 2015

MY (S)EXPERIENCE: Sex Counter application

She was the hottest thing that ever hit the offices, and she was undoing her skirt. I wanted her for some time now, and I was about to make my dreams come true – and, hopefully, to make her come, too. She was gorgeous and she was ogling me, tho’

05 Jan 2015

I Have Been Played By Apple

text: Buky Apple Watch coming soon! Really? It’s been a while since the first smart watch idea was introduced and a year and a half since Samsung introduced their first generation Gear smart watch. I’ve been waiting for smart watch from Apple for a year now. When will I see

01 Jan 2015

SexCounter – Your Sex Diary

Did you ever asked yourself how many sexual intercourse you had last year? How long did they last? What was the longest sex you had? How many calories did you burned out during intercourse? And just how many times your other half had a headache and you “got nothing”? Well,