FKK Ada Bojana (Montenegro) – From the perspective of nudist beginners

About nudists in general
Until last year, I thought that nudists are a specific strain of lunatics who lack a pair of marbles in the head.

And then, in 2012 ended up with my family in Cateske Spa (Slovenia), where the Slovenes cast me out of the sauna because everywhere in Slovenia, entrance to the sauna is allowed only if you’re naked.
Of course, I took off my pants and proudly walked back into the sauna.

That was the first time I walked, sat and bathed stark naked in the presence of people of both sexes. Yes, there are saunas that are mixed – visited by both men and women. In any case, it left such a positive impression on me that I went back to the spa, twice, together with my wife.

The feeling of freedom …
Yes … it’s the main comment of all nudists to the question of what is so special about nudism. And it really is a fantastic feeling.


In the name of the freedom: Cheers!

As Red Bull gives you wings, removing your clothing gives a sense of freedom. I suppose that the whole experience is the result of the secretion of serotonin and dopamine known as hormones of happiness. Why they do not secrete when you take your shorts off and leave your, I don’t know.

Nudist beaches

This year we checked out Thassos where we had the desire to also visit Paradise beach, the only naturist beach there, but it turned out that there were only few traces of nudists. It is that disappointment that motivated our decision of ‘Let’s go to Ada Bojana, and whatever God gives us’

And now a little about Ada Bojana

Ada has a right triangular shape. What would be the hypotenuse, ie the lower side, presents a 3 km long beach, while the legs are two branches of the river Bojana. The left arm is the border with Albania.
So, without passport between your teeth don’t swim out of Bojana.


Ada Bojana (Montenegro)


When you finally get there, you’ll find the ramp where you pay a 5 euro entrance and continue to the complex. If you are a daily guest, you do not have the possibility of reimbursement of those 5 euros at the reception desk. If you have a paid night, you get a refund of € 5 when checking out only if you have not lost your receipt as proof that you have paid the entrance.


There are 4 types of accommodation. Camp, Bungalows (60 euros per day), Rooms (70€), Apartments (90€).



The price is for two people, being a type of bed and breakfast. Facilities include a reception area with a hotel restaurant, mini market and a restaurant on the beach. Everything is on the right side of the beach, near the right arm of Bojana.

And now a little about the beach and disrobing

The aforementioned complex can be walked naked or clothed. At the reception and the restaurant clothing is required, while the restaurant on the beach you make your own decision.

On the beach nudity is an understood requirement. Monitors, i.e. lifeguards, are making sure that this rule is respected. The beach has two parts, developed and wild.

The developed part is about 500 meters long with sun loungers and parasols, while the wild beach is about 2.5 km long.

Our impression is that the nudists are grouped as follows: the older and more conservative couples plus families with children in a regulated area while the liberal couples are in the wild. It is the most densely landscaped area, and the density decreases as you move away.
What characterizes this beach is the migrating – you have the impression that all day, all people is walking from one end to the other.

There are two types of liberals: male-female and male-male. They say that the number of male-male seriously increased in recent years. They are usually stationed at the end of the beach, (part nearest to Albania). Towards the end of the beach, on average, there is one pair for every 50-100 meters.

Sex on the Beach

There is some, but really less than what we expected. In the sea, on the beach or in the grove behind the sand, both types of couples partake. Mostly such activities take place at the farthest part. It is for this reason that the migration occurs on the beach – for example you’re lying down with your loved one and reading a book, when you get bored, you march to the border with Albania, have some fun and then get back in line for the next round.

Male-male couples are more practical. They camped along the border all day and don’t have to walk back and forth in the sand two or three times a day. They just get in the sea or in the thickets and do their thing.

About your ‘activities in nature’ there is one problem and that is individuals who like to watch.
So if the scent of the sea, the roar of the waves, the song of seagulls, and sunset to half carries you away to show how much you love her, and somehow there appears an individual 10 meters away from you and keeps looking, it’s best to stop what you started and wait until they leave. Otherwise, if he’s adamant you will not shake him until the end of summer. There are less of these types individuals weekdays and more during weekends.

These are some of the basic things that I did not know before coming, and that sent me to the people who often stay at these beaches.

Overall impressions

What are our impressions after three days spent there?
The accommodations are bad, the price is relatively high, wild beaches are filthy, but an unforgettable experience and worth every penny.

Here, however, one does not come for the food, beaches, lodging or swimming, but the overall feeling of freedom that can not be described but must be experienced.

During my the three days stay, I was wearing clothes only when I went into the restaurant for breakfast.
The rest of the time I enjoyed naturalism.

In the end – Come, try and you will not go wrong.

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