How people react when you tell them you are a nudist


To be totally honest with you, only two years ago my wife and I despised the whole nude concept of vacation and that kind of behavior.
But, after we have visited Spa & Baths in Slovenia and Hungary (you are obliged to be nude over there, especially in Slovenia), and spent summer vacation at Ada Bojana Naturist Resort (Montenegro) and Koversada (Croatia) we collected a lot of good vibes and positive impressions about nudist way of vacation.
We already have an idea which nudist resort we are going to visit next year. So the summer just ended and we already have planned it for next year!

This was our trip of becoming nudist and how did people reacted when we told them we are nudist:

First reaction is very dramatic: “You are not normal!!!”
But few seconds after, they start to ask: “Tell me how it was? I want to know every detail!”

Usually, every one of them asks almost the same questions:

  • Do you fill a shame when you are nude? (Even if I were I would still do it.)
  • And your wife? (At the beginning yes, later she started enjoying it)
  • Did you have an erection? (Why would I have erection?)
  • Does anyone else on the beach have erection? (I didn’t notice)
  • Do you look each other intimate parts? (We are not animals to sniff and look each other’s intimate parts )
  • Are there any gay people over there? (Yes)
  • Were they flirting with you? (Why would they do that?)
  • Are you swingers? (Nope)

Beach on the island

After you answer a first round of questions, conversation continues in one of the five possible directions, depending on the interviewer.

Type of person you are speaking with, can be:

  1. The one with the secret, version 1: He has something to admit.

“My wife and I were also at the nudist beach last year, and had a wonderful time, but please keep it to yourself, do not tell anyone.”

  1. The one with the secret, version 2: He also has something to admit.

“Every year, my wife and I picked the small beach without people, and enjoyed being nude”

When you tell them: “You don’t need to hide, go to the regular nude beach”

They response: “Why would I go to the nude beach where everyone can look at my intimate parts?”

  1. People who would like to go, but they don’t know how to do it

“I would like to go, but my wife doesn’t. She even turns off the lights in the bedroom before she takes her clothes off”

  1. Weird people

The worst type you talk about nudism.
First, they tell you that they totally support what you are doing. They admit they are fans of nudism.
Then, they even tell you that they will do it next year with their vacation, visit nudist beach.

But… After a while, you hear some rumors from your friends, and people you know:

“Your close friend told as that you are a pervert”

“Whaaaaat? Why am I a pervert? What did he told you?”

“Don’t act dumb, he told us everything. He told as that during your summer vacation you were at Nudist resort, doing everything over there?”

“What was I doing?”

“He told as that you were nude all the time, without any clothes”

  1. People that understand, support and do the same thing as you are. This is generally very small percentage of people, but definitely the ones that can really understand the beauty of the freedom that you are talking about.

The point of the story is: stick to the fifth group, support the first group, and never talk to fourth group. And give the other 2 groups some time to think about it.

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