MY (S)EXPERIENCE: Sex Counter application

She was the hottest thing that ever hit the offices, and she was undoing her skirt. I wanted her for some time now, and I was about to make my dreams come true – and, hopefully, to make her come, too. She was gorgeous and she was ogling me, tho’ her face suddenly flushed with more than desire when she saw that I was fiddling with my phone.

„The fuck, playboy“, snarled she, „I told you that filming is out of the question“!

„I aint filming, babe… I’m starting“.

I put the phone aside, camera lens obviously facing the desk. After that, words as means of communication became obsolete.

It was a great bang – she was tight like hell and I managed to hold it for decent 18 minutes after the blowjob. She came at minute 14. If all goes as planned and we meet for a hot weekend, I’ll see if I could cap my personal record.  Even if I don’t, at 43 minutes, there’s time enough to make her die cumming.

I checked this month’s statistics on the way home. Three weeks, 12 times, but most of it packed in the past two weeks. It would be a good idea to do my old girl, and do her hard. What was the time? 45 minutes since I came, some more cool-down time and I’ll be up and ready. I ease on the throttle a bit. Now, what’s with that chick… yeah, Cindy… no calls for over a month? We should change that…

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