FKK Koversada (Croatia) – The largest ex-Yugoslav nudist resort

Last year, for the first time in my life, we vacationed in a nudist colony. Our choice then was Ada Bojana (Montenegro).
Enthusiastic about the concept of nudism, but disappointed with the quality of services in Ada Bojana, this summer we decided to travel to Croatia. We chose Koversada.

A little about Koversada

It is in part of Croatia called Istria, near city Vrsar, 10km from Porec, and 30km from Rovinj, perhaps the most beautiful city in Istra.
Koversada is the largest ex-Yugoslav nudist resort, with a tradition of over 50 years. It covers about 100 acres. In addition to the land part, the complex includes an island.

Accommodations and prices

Accommodation facilities include: bungalows (villas), apartments and camping. Most tourists are just campers (tents, caravans and motorhomes). The capacity of the complex is 6,000 tourists.

We were accommodated in bungalows. Bed and breakfast for two people costs about 70 euros per day. The bungalows are OK, but biting at the tooth of time. We had no complaints about the accommodation, and its biggest contribution is the quality of services as well as the abnormally friendly hosts.
Unlike the bungalows, the apartments are 4 star. In accordance with this, so is their price.

The food in the restaurant is excellent, buffet style. There is nothing you can imagine that isn’t offered and I, in my own style, decided on scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. I can’t remember ever eating better bacon and sausage.

The whole complex is spotless, not to say perversely clean. Beaches are well maintained and set up beautifully, the water turquoise, and there is no chance of finding anything that doesn’t belong to the marine world. No tires, bottles, cans, tins or other trash. All in all, everything is perfect.

Additional services

The complex consists of a supermarket, Konzum and several cafes and restaurants. We were surprised by the prices. During happy hour, you can get a 0.5 mug of beer for 9 kuna. After 12h the prices are higher, so the beer is 18 kuna, pizza 45 kuna (excellent pizza), sea bream and sea bass are 80 kuna a portion (Thursdays 30% discount), 0,7 liter Malvasia wine for 85 kuna, mackerel portion 36 kuna (HRK 75 = 1 euro). Besides the pizza, everything else is enumerated in a fantastic restaurant on the island along the coast. It goes without saying that all the fish is fresh and well prepared, and the Malvasia goes with it like icing on a cake.

Beaches and sea

All beaches are designed as smaller or larger concrete slabs from which the stairs lead into the water.

A small sandy beach is made especially for small children and is located on the continental part, while the island is a large sandy beach. In fact, couples with children are at the gravelly and sandy beach, while others are mainly at the concrete slabs.

plaza ispod restorana

Before departure, they scared us by telling us the water temperature would be freezing. Although it was the end of June when we stayed there, with not a lot of sunny days in June, the water was more than OK. Not as hot as in Greece, but nothing cooler than the water in any pool. When I entered the water, I’d stay in an hour at a time.

So I don’t forget – for the first time last year, I experienced a sense of freedom as a nudist. This year, I found a way to raise that feeling to the next level.
i.e. I bought equipment for snorkeling and diving all day without pants. If you exclude that slight sense of fear that a beluga will come out of the rocks and nip your privates for one thing, butt naked diving is a feeling like no other which I am brining back home with me. If a butt naked walk rates 5, diving is a pure 10!

Of the guests

20140629_083721 The general impression is that the prevailing aging population as well as couples with children is the majority. Slightly less is middle aged and the least is persons aged 18 to 28 years. For five days we saw only one young couple.

As for the elderly, just by itself the impression that all these old nudists who first took off their underpants experienced it right here in the late 70’s and early 80’s, when nudity was in full swing and the Koversada tourists were each sitting on top of one another due to the sheer volume of them. We were told and later confirmed at reception – that there are guests who are third generation nudists who visited Koversada.

Dominated by foreigners, Croats are almost non-existent, and we did not see any Serbs while we stayed. Foreigners who the most numerous are Czechs and Germans, while there are plenty of Slovenes, Italians and Slovaks.

Frei Korper Kultur- FKK

What is it with the undressing? Unlike Ada, where almost exclusively you only have nudity on the beach, here the situation is different. Almost all of the time you are nude, both on and off the beach and in the complex. There were those who went a little over the top by riding a bike butt naked. The restaurants on the beach allow nudity, but almost all were covered by towels or shorts.

Regarding some intimate culture. 90% of persons belonging to both sexes were completely depilated in intimate areas, regardless of age! The other 10%, were completely natural.

Sex on the beach

Hmmmm. Before arriving and during our stay there, we got some information that the back side of the island, in the evening hours, anything is possible. We did not have a chance to bump into it. However, while moving from restaurants to bars, there’s a part of the wild rocky beach with a couple of hidden places in the undergrowth. Several discrete pairs were positioned in these places so we assume that the information about the action on the island abounding still has some truth.

So, because of the kids, bigger crowds and the strict penalties in the Croatian law (130 euros) for making love in public, sex on Koversada is not something that you see during the day

What can be encountered is light petting, discreet intimate touching, sometimes an erection during nap time while sunbathing, but no classical action such as Ada Bojana.

Panoramic view The overall impression

It is because of this amazing spontaneity and the absence of any tourist’s complexes, we were feeling good. It is more than clear that they all came for rest and relaxation, not about the sex on the beach, posing and showing. We enjoyed staying in such a group of people with the same concepts that nudity is seen as the ultimate sense of hedonistic freedom, not as a disorder or ugly.

In closing

If you want a first nudist experience that will leave you with a nice memory and without fear that you’ll meet someone who knows you, Koversada is the right choice.

If you have already been to nudist beaches and were disappointed with the service and accommodations, irritated that you have to watch couples who act inappropriately next to you, then hurry here, you will not go wrong.

If you are interested in nudism just for sex on the beach, then … Hmmmm … well there is a compromise. 30km from Koversada located in Punta Cross. For those who do not know, it’s a beach for which last August, the entire Croatian coast introduced penalties for sex on the beach. However, despite the provisions of the action it is still happening. According to what we have described, such a degree of action isn’t even at Ada Bojana.

Before this, if you are in any of these groups, visiting Koversada cannot be missed.

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